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I picked up my mail today and there was a small package that I didn’t remember ordering but figured I had just forgot something. I opened it up and it was a box full of broken glass and a letter that expressed why, in many ways, I am a “dirty rotten commie piece of depraved dogshit.” While I will credit their extensive adjective variety, safe to say I wasn’t all that happy. Turns out that if you google the domain name for a site I run, after the normal results of my site and its pages is a website that had on it my name, address, phone number, etc. The website was a third party site that hosts a ton of domain information, and I did not register the domain with them. My websites content can be... contentious, and In the past I may have been a little more provocative than I would have been had I known I was just google search away. I’m not sure how I can go about changing this, I’ve wrote to my hosting service but they’ve been less than helpful in the past. Any ideas? I’d like to avoid waking up to a man pummeling me with a gym sock filled with double As.