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Today I got a "Monthly Account Statement" email from Network Solutions showing that I had about a year left on my (mydomain).site domain name. My domain is not .site top level domain. Immediately I logged in and checked to see if it was a phishing email... Sadly, I did have a .site domain name on my Network Solutions account. The invoice was for $0.00 and no note was on the invoice. I called Network Solutions immediately and they told me that this was a "gift" that they give out to people from time to time. They said it does not auto renew. I asked if I should have received an email letting me know about this free gift. She said no, it's just a free gift . (BE GRATEFUL PEASANT!) I am so fucking sick of Network Solutions. They have lost all credibility (not that they had much left) in my book. Just making this post to see if anyone else has had this happen.