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I am searching for a web hosting plan following are some of the highlights: ​ **Web type:** Affiliate Blog site (NO checkout or cart or eCommerce stuff) **CMS:** Wordpress **Framework:** Genesis Framework **Traffic expectations:** 50,000/month to 75,000/month **Target audience:** US, EU, China ​ No prior experience of Linux servers and infrastructure, basically I am a marketing person, currently having 2 of my sites hosted via ***namecheap*** shared hosting plan. Looking forward for a somewhat better option for hosting this time for my another project. ​ **Q1: Want to know what specs should I target for the following for the above mentioned kind of website:** RAM: ?? Processor: ?? Storage: ?? Bandwidth: ?? **Q2: And also help me pick among these:** 1. Linode 2. Vultr 3. Digital Ocean **Q3: Is a managed hosting plan from cloudways or rackspace or any other a more feasible option for me considering my lack of expertise in this area?** ​ ​