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domain registrationThe most popular domain names are usually the ones with the .com extension. That is why it is generally believed that every small business website will stand a better chance with the .com name. Thus the first option you are likely to try out when searching for a domain for your website is the .com domain. However you may end up disappointed after finding out that all the good names you can about with .com extension has been taken. In the end you will probably have to settle for the ones available. But most times the ones available may not be able to truly represent your business brand.

Just about three months ago, the number of websites with the .com extension was estimated to be around 127 million recording the highest number of registered users. So finding a perfect .com domain will be very difficult if not impossible. Luckily there is a very good alternative to the .com domain which is just as good. You can settle for top level domains that will tell more about your business than an ordinary .com domain. TDLs like .co, .host, .org, .info, etc., are flooding everywhere now and you don’t have to settle for a .com website that doesn’t not match your brand.

A little info about TDLs

A top level domain (TLD) which is also called a domain extension refers to the letters that come after actual name of a website. For instance, a web address such as can be said to have a TDL of .com while Facebook is the actual name for the website.
It is obvious that the .com is the most traditional TDL. Other tradition top level domains include the .org and .net extensions. We have been able to show that there are other domain names which are more relevant than the traditional ones we are used to. For instance a motor transport company can use .travel domain instead of the more generic .com which doesn’t describe the business in anyway.

Advantages of using newer TDLs

The best way to avoid a domain that doesn’t describe your business is to use the newer TDLs. This is because it seems the traditional .com domain has been flooded and you are likely not to find that .com domain name that will match your brand. Sometimes you may find the domain you have in mind but discover that it is sold at an exorbitant price due to the high demand for such domains. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for such domains when you can get something better and more relevant to your business at a reduced cost.

Newer TDLs tend to be good for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) gains because they appear to be more specific than generic .com domains. Web crawlers tend to choose these TDLs because their content seems to more appropriate to a particular search query. For instance, when looking for something about photography online, it will be easier for webs crawlers to select .photo sites than those with .com because their content will appear more relevant.

Opting for newer TDLs may not be appealing at first but you will never regret taking the bold step!

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