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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Web Hosting

Here are some of the most common mistakes that should be avoided when choosing web hosting. These mistakes can define the difference between the success and failure of your website.

web hosting mistakes

1. Going for the cheapest options

Although in the beginning you want to be as savvy as possible, don’t think just about the price of the web hosting, but think about the important of the quality (in the long run). See what you are getting in terms of quality backup internet connection, power supply, strong firewalls, ability to withhold the pressure of numerous visitors, as well as professional client support. These should be the primary factors for the choice of one web hosting service over the other. It is not likely that you will find free web hosting that will provide the previously mentioned important elements. We definitely recommend that you do invest some money in your project because this will ensure permanent visibility and the presence of your website. Don’t let the cheap price take the focus from hosting package specs. Don’t be convinced by a cheap price or discount – these are tools used to hide flaws of certain web hosting.

Check how much disc space you are getting, what the monthly flow is, whether you get mail service in the package as well as the possibility to check the statistics.

2. Not reading “the fine print” (Terms of service)

Even if the price of web hosting seems fine, you should know (in detail and in advance!) what you’ll be paying for. Very often, web hosting providers “catch” users with a low start price, but only so that they later invoice every additional service. For example, you will pay to get a certain web hosting package and you put your website on the web hosting server and want to open an email address – and the provider sends you a bill to give you that. Then you want to add another SQL base – and you get another bill. You want to add a blog – you get a new bill. Now you get the idea what we are talking about, right?

3. WordPress unavailability

These days, it is very important to have your own blog, especially if you are a business – a blog that will enable you to spread the word about you on social media. It might not seem necessary in the beginning, but later on you will surely blog a lot. This is why it is important to make sure that your web hosting provider has minimal technical conditions for unobstructed WordPress functioning, because this is the leading blogging platform. These days the majority of companies use WordPress not just for their blog but also for their main website as well – but there are still some web hosting providers that don’t support WordPress.