Domain Industry in Asia   SUBMIT

I had someone bring up the idea of selling my web hosting company and my book of domain names. Has anyone ever built a company over hundreds of hosting clients and domain names and then sold them after a certain point? I'm not even sure of what the value of it is in a sense since if i did walk away those clients would still be "design clients" in a sense wanting basic changes and obviously needing to be redesigned every 4-5 years... ​ \-edit I'm a wordpress shop exclusively, probably still have a handful of static sites too. I have over 200 active cpanel accounts with probably 175 of them paying different rates from $35 to $90. These are all with a pretty well known and reputable hosting company that provides pretty good support. A audit should be done to try to catch anyone who isn't setup in the billing system because they can slip through the cracks but that's just a problem i can never resolve it seems. ​ This is a 20 year old company and putting my ego aside, a lot of "street cred" as far as service and design work. I guess the question is do i sell the "hosting business" and keep designing and just get out of that side of the business entirely. That basically being said that whoever would take over either the clients or the whole "thing" would be able to retain them vs losing them. ​ Just maybe monday morning stress making me think about it but it's a interesting conversation to have. ​