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This has been a long time coming but now I'm on point since one of the main admins of this network is retiring. We have a and a out there as a top level domain. We also have it as an internal network. Now, the DNS and other things are currently goofed because internal to the network, if someone wants to say resolve the we have to create cname and other records to help them along to hosted services. Now my plan is to remove that fowrward lookup zone within the next month or two and this will clearly cause some outages because we've done nothing but doubled the records to the forward lookup zone. This also happens to be the Active Directory and PKI configs. So other than PKI, AD, and DNS, is there anything else that could be lurking under a rock that I have missed? This is the first time I'm attempting this task. Also not sure if renaming the domain is an option due to the impact of 200+ users. Trying to pull together a project plan for a PM and I'm dumbfounded on this one.