Domain Industry in Asia   SUBMIT

I'm interested in doing digital marketing (lead gen) for web hosts, but I need some help gathering stats about the market to decide if I should pursue this niche or not. If you run a web hosting business (or work in one privy to this information) it would be great if you could share some general stats about your market. I basically just want to know... what do your best customers (the ones that pay you the most) look like? Some sub-questions to get the ball rolling: 1. What do they buy exactly? Shared, VPS, dedicated, or cloud... or something else? Maybe there is a side product that makes you a lot of money? 2. How much are these customers worth to your business? What's their customer life-time value? 3. Who are these people? Individuals or companies or something else? Plus anything else you can share about the customers you most want.